Message from Rector

Message from Rector

Our University provides unique and very valuable opportunity to bring up and prepare highly qualified citizens of the world, who will know necessary knowledge and skill in their fields and will have global vision. The team of BAU International University of Batumi will use all attempt to handle with educational process with success.

Our priority is support of student`s creativity and innovation, as finally to receive highly-qualified personnel who will be competitive and easily adopted to changeable environment.

Aim of the University is delivery of high quality education and development of wide worldview, which is the base of peace, prosperity and happiness of the human in the world.

The strategic plan carried out by us is main developing document of the University during next seven years. Fulfillment of the given strategic plan will give us opportunity to work out and develop on the international and local markets competitive and oriented on the research educational programs, which will ensure preparation of high quality specialists.

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