Mobility procedures regulate students’ free movement from one higher education institution to another. The student mobility procedures are administered by the Legal Entity of Public Law - National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) according to Order N 10/N of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia of 4 February, 2010, "On the Approval of the Procedure of Movement between Higher Education Institutions".

The mobility procedures are administered twice a year - at the end of fall and spring semesters, within timelines approved by the NCEQE Director.

There is going on reception according to the rule of mobility for the 2017-2018 educational year, Autumn term in the educational university “BAU International University, Batumi’, on the faculty of the medicine.

If you want to be transferred in educational university “BAU International University, Batumi”:

  • Pass electron registration on the national center for educational quality enhancement’s electron web-site in the terms established by the director of the center and receive right on mobility with us.
  • Students who will gain by the rule of mobility, right of enrolling on the medical faculty of educational university “BAU International University, Batumi”, for 2017-2018 educational year, autumn term, they should pass internal university registration. For university registration details see this file.

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