The administration of the teaching university is the organizational-structural unit of the teaching university.

The management body of the administration is:

a) The head of the administration;  

The organizational-structural units of the administration are:

a) The financial department;   

b) The department of human resources;

c) The department of material-technical resources;

d) The department of marketing and international relations;

e) The students and career service department;

f) A lawyer;

g) An office and human resources manager;


The head of the administration: Tea Mikeladze

The Head of financial department: Irakli Chachua;

The Head of human resources department: Ani Kvatadze; 

The Head of material-technical resources department:  Darina Phutkaradze;

The Head of marketing and international relations department:  Nana Kutubidze;

The Head of The students and career service department: Ana Japharidze;

The lawyer: Lasha Abashidze;

An office manager: Mariam Phartenadze;