Academic Council

The academic council is the highest representative collegial body of the teaching university managing the academic activities of the teaching university. The academic council consists of the chairman- the rector and the academic personnel of the teaching university with status of a Professor, an Associate professor or an Assistant-professor;

The rule for activity, acquisition and termination of the status of the member of the academic council are defined by the Statute of the academic council of the teaching university;

Members of the Academic Council are:

  1. Demet Akin – Rector;
  2. Leila Akhvlediani – Professor;
  3. Levan Metreveli - Professor;
  4. Elmira Andyazhdanova - Professor;
  5. Sophiko Tskvitinidze – Associated Professor;
  6. Akin Akakin - Associated Professor;
  7. Neriman Tsintsadze - Associated Professor;
  8. Asli Demirtas Tatlidede – Assistant Professor;
  9. Mehmet Ozgur Erdogan - Assistant Professor;
  10. Natalia Dorofeeva - Assistant Professor;
  11. Tamila Dilaverova - Assistant Professor;
  12. Teona Gogitidze - Assistant Professor;