Mission and Vision

Mission, Goals and Objectives of the University


The mission of the LLC “BAU International University, Batumi” is educational politics of international standards, preparation of highly qualified personnel, with scientific vision and equipped with knowledge of innovative technologies and liberal values, which will be competitive on local as well as international market.


The educational university LLC “BAU International University Batumi” supports global vision, which is out of political and cultural limits and respects dignity of human, universal rights and freedom, regardless gender, race, color of skin, confession and religion.

Working out and fulfillment of united educational programs and scientific-research projects with the Georgian and foreign universities, stimulates integration of students and professor-teachers in world educational-scientific sphere.

The aim of the university is delivery of high quality education and development of wide world vision, which is the base of peace, prosperity and happiness of the human.

The mission-based goals of the Educational University are to:

  • deliver and develop the higher educational programs;
  • educate and train highly qualified human resources in order to be competitive on the international labor market;
  • support integration of the Educational University into the international educational and scientific community;
  • develop and implement joint educational programs and scientific-research projects with the Georgian and international universities;
  • ensure academic freedom of professors and lecturers;
  • establish student-oriented environment in the University for learning and research activities.

The main objectives of the Educational University are as follows:

  • constant improvement of the educational programs and innovative development of the educational process;
  • consideration of the interests of potential employers;
  • maximum support to students to become professionals;
  • assistance in introducing new knowledge and scientific research;
  • development of international scientific cooperation;
  • promotion of student mobility;
  • assistance in developing and implementing international scientific-research projects;
  • support of professors in professional development.