BAU Will Become Health Base For Georgia (GE)

30, Nov 2019

The new service building of BAU International University Batumi, which has been added by BAU Global to international education network 4 years ago, has been opened up with the ceremony organized. BAU Global President Enver Yücel, who made speech in the academic ceremony of the university given education according to USA standards, said ‘’we opened a university 4 years ago in Batumi and today we move it to an excellent level’’.

An opening ceremony for the academic year and new service building was held for BAU International University Batumi started education with the first students in the field of medicine in 2015-2016 academic years in Turkey's neighboring city of Batumi in Georgia.
The Faculty built according to JCI standards and equipped with recent facilities will provide education for students from 20 different countries and cultures in their fields with its successful academic staff in the new building affiliated to Batum Medina Hospital and located in the same campus. Minister of Health and Social Security of the Ajara Autonomous Republic of Georgia, Zaal Mikeladze, Turkey's Consul General in Batumi, Makbule Kocak, Bahcesehir Uğur Educational Institutions Chairman Enver Yücel, Rector of Istanbul Bahcesehir University Dr. Sirin Karadeniz, General Manager of Medina Hospital, Iris Borchochvili, educators and students attended the ceremony held.
BAU Global President Enver Yücel, who made speech in the ceremony, said that the relationship they established through education with Georgia, which has a historical and cultural affinity with our country from the past, will continue with the opening of various faculties and schools.
Yucel stating that BAU is the largest educational board in Europe and even the world said "we are one of the Europe's best educational institutions, which was founded as a university in Istanbul 21 years ago. We are even the best. When the idea for the fact that our priority is open a Medical University in the field of health came to me, as a man of the region, five years ago, I welcomed the excitement of the fact that such an investment is being made in Georgia, our neighbor and friend, and started to this work. Five years ago we started with a small structure with international students and we saw that this region is a country in need of health. Now, we want it to be an important health center, a health base, which educates doctors, treats patients and conducts research in the field of health in Batumi, Georgia. In this context, my suggestion for the fact that we should cooperate as affiliation with the Medina Hospital, which provide a strong, good quality service in the region, has enabled us to move to the new campus. Our Medical University will grow in many fields such as dentistry, pharmacy and physiotherapy as well as training physicians. I also believe that very good things will be done by combining engineering with medicine. Medical University has been a start and will continue with new educational investments.”
Rector of Istanbul Bahcesehir University Dr. Şirin Karadeniz said, "I would like to say to our students that they are also in the network of our university and other universities in Istanbul. We are trying to contribute to our country and the world with our pioneer trainings in terms of health as well as research and development studies with our newly opened Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences in Istanbul Bahcesehir University and postgraduate and doctoral programs of these undergraduate programs. Now we are planning to increase our inter-linkages in Batumi."
Turkey's Consul General in Batumi, Makbule Kocak, who made speech in the ceremony stated that Turkey-Georgia friendship and the cooperation is spread across all areas and said "'We also have very successful joint initiatives in health and education cooperation. Investing in education is investing in the future, however investing in health education is even more important; it is investing in the future of all of us in health. Turkey is increasing its investments in the health field every passing day and has become one of the leading countries in the travels for health. As a matter of course, the prerequisite for this is a qualified training staff, a qualified health and doctor staff. Our educational institution which will serve with advanced technology is very important for all and our region. It is very important for Georgia and Turkey; it will obviously be a significant impact on our economy. Its first effect here is the increase in the number of international students in the short term. In the long term, it will be to our advantage to entrust our health to these experts. "
Zaal Mikeladze, Minister of Health and Social Security of the Ajara Autonomous Republic of Georgia, also stated two friendly countries are in cooperation with each other in every field and said they are glad that BAU Global, who made significant progress in education, is in their country.
After the speeches made, Medical University’s opening ribbon was cut and the University was toured with members of the protocol.