Students’ Ombudsman

The president of students` self-governance is students’ ombudsman at the same time.

On the basis of the mandate of students ombudsman, the rights and obligations of the president of students` self-governance are:

a) To work out the mechanism for protection of students legal rights and interests and their implementation;

b) Regular studying of students` legal status, monitoring and in case of violation, to take the relevant immediate measures;

c) To establish the relations with local and international organizations, which protect students` rights and to provide the involvement of students in the activity of such organizations;

d) To prepare the reports on the students` legal status in the educational university (semestrial / annual) and there should be reflected the violations, problematic issues and recommendations;

e) To carry out other actions, which ensure the monitoring, protection and improvement of students` legal status.


Question to an ombudsman?