Academic Unit


School of Medicine and Health sciences

The goal of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences is to train competitive, highly qualified personnel focused on local and international employment markets and to promote their integration into the world educational space in the field of health care.

The tasks of the school are::

  • Continuous development and improvement of the educational program;
  • Receiving education based on the latest knowledge and experience provision of opportunity;
  • Joint educational with Georgian and foreign universities programs, scientific-research projects and other academic or scientific Development of activities and projects of international cooperation Facilitating implementation;
  • In the teaching of scientific research and introduction of new knowledge, research promotion of integration;
  • for the formation of appropriate clinical skills for the student Creating an adequate simulation environment and providing a clinical environment;
  • Creating a student-oriented academic environment;
  • Taking care of professional development of academic staff;
  • Promotion of academic freedom;
  • Promoting the formation of professionalism among students;
  • School education in accordance with university and school strategies environment development;
  • Promotion of community development in various social activities through engagement;

School board

The school is main educational and scientific-research unit, which provides education for students in Medicine and Dentistry specialties and gives them appropriate qualifications. The governing bodies of the school are the school board and dean.

The school board is the school's governing representative collegial body, which includes the school dean, academic staff of the school, and student self-government representatives. The School Board shall:

  • On the recommendation of the Dean, develop the structure and regulations of the school;
  • At the beginning of the academic year, determine the coefficients for the Unified National Examination, thresholds and the number of students to be admitted to the school education program and submit them to the Academic Council for approval;
  • Review new educational program submitted by the program initiator and submit it to the Academic Council for approval based on the positive conclusion of the Quality Assurance Service;
  • Develop main directions of educational, scientific-research activities of the school;
  • Review and approve individual curriculum;
  • Approve the schedule and composition of collegial mutual attendance at lectures and practical trainings;
  • Discuss issues related to the learning process and develop mechanisms to respond to them;
  • Approve academic time-tables;
  • Determine the need for staff changes in the school, required number of academic and invited staff (taking into account the target benchmarks) and submit a proposal to the rector to announce a competition;
  • In accordance with the Action Plan of the Teaching University, develop the School Action Plan and submit it to the Academic Council for approval;

Message from the Dean

Medicine is a sphere which is constantly and rapidly evolving. Despite the fact that technological advancements have significantly improved diagnostic and treatment methods, a lot still remains undisclosed. Each person’s body is unique and requires individual approach.

I should mention that, medicine is one of the most challenging fields. However, I would like to highlight that simple things cannot be interesting at the same time. Interesting is connected with difficulty and hardship. If you do not opt for easy paths, if you are fond of adventures, if you are always seeking innovations and tasks to solve, if you are hard worker individual and what’s ore if you love people, in this case medicine is the sphere where you will be able to realize yourself with success.

Willingness to interact with people, help them and feel that you can change someone’s life towards better, bring happiness not to a single but numbers of people by saving someone’s life and health- means you are born as a doctor.

BAU International University, Batumi welcomes such students. The university by itself creates all conditions for encouraging you to become professional.

Best Wishes,
Prof. Leila Akhvlediani
Dean of the School of Medicine & Health Sciences