Career support services

Career Support Services

Now that you are a medical student, what comes next? What specialty should you select? And what happens after you finish university?

If questions like these are plaguing you, you are not alone! Here at BAU, we believe in walking alongside each of our students as they make significant decisions about their future. Integrated into every stage of your 6 years here, the careers in medicine program will help you Explore, Decide and Succeed in whichever path you choose to follow



Whether you have no idea what you want to specialize in or have known for years, careers in medicine offers guidance and resources to help you explore the wide range of specialities that medicine offers. PORTFOLIO COACHES Even before you arrive on campus, you will be matched with portfolio coach who will offer advice and academic resources throughout your 6 years at BAU. You will also receive guidance from portfolio coaches of faculty who have been specifically trained to guide you in exploring and choosing a specialty. Early Clerkship Unlike a traditional medical university schedule, BAU’s unique curriculum lets you enter clinical visits in year 2, giving you earlier exposure to a wide range of clinical experiences. Later from years 2 and 3, you will get the chance to take electives and spend more time in your favourite field



Once you’ve spent time exploring many different specialties, it’s time to narrow it down to a few that you’re most interested in. Selecting a specialty is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make in medical University, but Careers in Medicine is here to walk with you every step of the way. CAREER ADVISING Throughout the decision process, your portfolio coach and faculty adviser will be continually available to answer your questions and help you locate additional resources. The personal relationship you’ve built together over the past few years positions them perfectly to offer you personalized advice and perspective.



Once you’ve decided which specialty you want to pursue, Careers in Medicine offers various resources to help you match with the perfect residency for your career goals. Throughout your six year, your mentor, portfolio coach, and faculty adviser will be continually available to answer your questions and provide additional resources to prepare you for the road to residency.

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