Students` Services

BAU International University Batumi has a Student Services Department, which is responsible for the following functions:


A) Informing and advising the student about the learning process;
B) Student counseling and assistance with all matters related to the student status of the teaching university;
C) Facilitate the integration of students into the teaching university;
D) Informing students of upcoming trainings, conferences, other educational, sports and cultural events;
E) Supporting creation of student clubs and their activities;
F) Planning and implementing joint student events and projects with governmental and non-governmental organizations;
G) Promotion of student self-government activities and organizational support for submitted project applications;

In case you require any of the above mentioned services, please contact Student Services.

Contact details: 


Address: Iris Borchashvili Health Center Medina, 237,
Fridon Khalvashi ST, Batumi, 6010, Georgia