BAU Medical Students Program On TLC

14, May 2020


Medical Student of Bau international University, Batumi, Mehmet Toprak’s Magnificent New Program Airing on TLC, one of the largest Media companies in the World (Discovery Group).

Medical Student of Bau International University, Batumi, Mehmet Toprak’s brand new television program is airing on Turkey’s popular television channel TLC. 

On the upcoming program, Mehmet Toprak will try to raise awareness about spinal health, give us suggestions how to sit properly while at work/home during this pandemic time. All videos include tips and exercises for painless life. 

The program is titled “Kayropraktik Mehmet Toprak ile Ağrısız Hayat” that means “Life Without Pain with Chiropractic Specialist Mehmet Toprak”.

The program that is expected to receive a great deal of viewer attention will feature the suggestions of painless life on each episode.

Who is Mehmet Toprak? 

Physiotherapist and Chiropractor Mehmet Toprak completed his master's degree in Bahçeşehir
University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (PTR) Department after graduating from (PTR)
Department in Istanbul Bilim University. He has been one of the pioneers of the start of education of
chiropractic science at an academic level in Turkey. After completing his second master's degree in
the Chiropractic Department of Bahçeşehir University, which he was one of the founders, he was in
charge of establishing and managing a master's program at the youngest age by undertaking as the
coordinator of the same program in Turkey. He continues to do his PhD, which is at the thesis stage,
in Eastern Mediterranean University. PhD thesis is about headaches that originates from neck. At the
same time, he continues his education in the Faculty of Medicine in BAU lnternational University,
Batumi as a third career in order to have a more holistic perspective. He is the only specialist who has
received academic doctorate education and three different fields (Medicine, Physiotherapy,
Chiropractic, PhD) that is known in Turkey and world. He also produces social media content that will
raise the awareness of hundreds of thousands of people about spinal health with the username of
@kayropraktik. Physiotherapist and Chiropractor Mehmet Toprak is still working as the founder of
the Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinic and research center in a private hospital and he works as a
lecturer at Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Health Sciences. His academic studies are published in
national and international scientific journals.