BAU Batumi Became The Winner of Georgia I2Q ​​- Innovation, Inclusivity and Quality

17, Nov 2023

BAU International University Batumi became the winner of Georgia I2Q ​​- Innovation, Inclusivity and Quality - "Education for Better Employment: Partnership in Innovative Healthcare" grant project funded by the Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF).



The strategic goal of the Competitive Innovation Fund is to facilitate the rapid modernization of higher education programs and learning environments and to strengthen its links with the labor market.

The winning project aims to promote higher education integrated with the labor market in the field of healthcare by developing modern, innovative educational programs and sustainable, intersectoral partnerships.



For this purpose, a consortium of higher education institutions, with the participation of Ilia State University and BAU International University Batumi , will be created within the project, which will study the needs of the health care market and will take care of the rapid modernization and availability of educational programs and research.



Hospital Association of Georgia and Curacio International Foundation, employers of different profiles, partner the consortium in the direction of public health and health policy, as well as facility management.

The project develops a complex approach to collaboration between educational institutions, employers and students in the field of healthcare.


The project examines the prospects of higher education in a complex way, in terms of the synergy of the three priorities of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - education (SDG4), health (SDG3) and employment (SDG8).