BAU International University Batumi continues its academic year in the new campus

27, Nov 2019

BAU International University Batumi operates in a brand new building with well-equipped auditoriums and computer classes, teaching laboratories and the library. Lectures and group works in basic disciplines will be held at properly-equipped classrooms, laboratories (of physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and microbiology). Biochemical and microbiological laboratories are equipped with “Leica”-produced microscopes, the other necessary laboratory appliances (for individual use of students) and the biosafety cabin (BSC B-2 level) that are designed according to all essential biosafety guidelines.

The laboratory of molecular biology is equipped with PCR device and other related instruments. Small group auditoriums are used for PBL sessions, equipped with round discussion tables, multimedia instrumentation and appropriate boards.

Teaching in simulated environment is conducted at the University Clinical Skills Center, which is equipped with multi-functional training models, simulators and the anatomical theater (laboratory) designed for cadaver dissection. Anatomical theater provides the possibilities to perform anatomical and pathology dissections of human body (The university procures whole body cadavers and isolated organ specimens at the beginning of each academic year). Anatomic laboratory is equipped with modern models and technologies, which are essential for learning micromorphology. The building is equipped with Internet-connected computers and students have an advantage of using free Wi-Fi. Students have access to the university library, the stock of which gets renewed at the beginning of every academic year. The e-library of the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul Bahcesir University is also at students’ disposal. Clinical rotations are held at the university and affiliated hospitals.

The integrated educational program, facilities equipped with modern equipment, highly qualified teaching staff, as well as continuous sharing of international experience through permanent collaboration within the BAU Global network (with the opportunity of taking individual courses or modules at different universities within BAU Global).