IUIS Newsletter article about GAACI and COVID 19 in Georgia.

01, Jul 2020

IUIS Newsletter published an article on GAACI and Covid 19 in Georgia. It spoke of the local situation in Georgia during Covid 19 and how GAACI board members were actively engaged in the work of an Interagency Coordination Council on COVID-19.

The IUIS Newsletter article emphasizes the role of GAACI board members and their participation in different projects on fighting against the COVID 19 in Georgia.

The Dean of Medical Faculty at BAU International University, Batumi Leila Akhvlediani is the member of the GAACI board. She regularly delivered on-line public lectures on Covid 19.

Professor Leila Akhvlediani hosted an online public lectures on: “New Coronavirus (nCOV) – Challenge for the World”, April 10, 2020, and  “New Coronavirus and Immunological Memory”, May 20, 2020.

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