Vacancy for Invited Lecturers

27, Aug 2020

Bau International University, Batumi is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Sciences, the Department of Basic Sciences and the Department of Dentistry.

Qualification requirements:

  • Higher Education in Dentistry (Doctorate degree will be an advantage)
  • Certificate of acquired rights: a certificate attesting that you have worked your profession  and have practical experience in the relevant field
  • Knowledge of English at least B2 level  (Experience in learning English, teaching or having an internationally recognized certificate of proving the knowledge will be considered as an advantage)
  • Experience of creating learning courses will be considered as an advantage.
  • Experience in scientific research will be an advantage;

Documents to be submitted:

  • CV  (Both Hardcopy/Softcopy).
  • Copy of your ID
  • Copies of academic degree documents / documents certifying the qualification
  • Documents certifying teaching experience
  • In the case of a practicing doctor - a document certifying the Experience of clinical practice in the relevant medical speciality during the last 5 years (in clinical directions)
  • Certificate of independent medical practice ;
  • Certificate of proving scientific-pedagogical work in a higher education institution(if any);
  • Knowledge of foreign languages and competence in conducting courses in a foreign language; (English Language Proficiency Certificate. Applicants who do not have an international certificate of English proficiency will be interviewed by an English language specialist) ;
  • Scientific publication/publications published during the last 10 years in the direction of the relevant learning course/courses;x
  • Practical experience of working in the field;
  • Participation in scientific conferences, scholarships and grants (optional);
  • Participation in professional development events.
  • A Vision of relevant learning course/courses syllabus. Contestants who fail to submit a syllabus within the competition period will be given additional time by the decision of the Commission, pending a decision.  

The terms for conducting the competition 

The competition will be held in two stages:

Evaluation of documents

Conducting a mock lecture

Competition Deadline

The competition is announced from August 31, 2020;

Applications can be submitted from Auguts 31 to September 15, 2020;

Evaluation of documents and mock lecture will be conducted from September 15 -30, 2020

The results of the competition will be announced no later than September 30, 2020;

Applications will be accepted from  August 31- September 15, at the e-mail: