Students self-government

Students` self-governance is students` representative collegial authority, elected with universal, direct, equal and secret ballot rule by the students of educational university.

Students` self-governance shall independently carry out its rights and obligations, defined in accordance with this regulation, law of Georgia and domestic normative acts of educational university and there shan`t be permitted any direct or indirect interference or/and influence in it.

Students` self-governance is not a legal entity and it`s prohibited entrepreneurial activity for him. 4. Student`s self-governance may have official logo, seal, blank, bank account, webpage, electronic mail and other attributes, which are approved by the general meeting of delegates.


The location of students` self-governance is the building of educational university.

Goals of students` self-governance are:

  • a) Protection of students` legal rights and interests in the relationship with educational university and with the third persons as well;
  • b) To promote the students in strengthening of their rights and freedom and in practical realization;
  • c) To assist students to get high-quality education, corresponding to the international standards and to develop the skills, which are needed to be formed as a competitive employee;
  • d) To provide students` involvement in both educational and scientific activity and various socio-cultural, charitable, sport and entertainment activities;
  • e) To assist new students in adapting and integration of educational university;
  • f) To promote the development of the diverse and multicultural environment in the educational university, representing them and getting the students of different nationalities closer;
  • g) To promote the students in developing the leadership and change-oriented skills;
  • h) To make the identification of the problems, existing in educational university and to work out the ways of their elimination;
  • i) To provide the students with all required information, within the authority; to study the satisfaction and to take appropriate measures;
  • j) To implement other activities, which are based on the goals of students` self-governance.

Members of self-governance:

  • Momin Rabih Adeeb Al-Saraf -  President
  • Raeesah Ajaz- Secretary
  • Ailin Akbar Javar - Delegate
  • Aleksandre Kartsivadze - Delegate
  • Abdulrahman Hosameldeen Hassan Sayed Moustafa - Delegate
  • Natia Baramidze - Delegate
  • Raiha Siddiqi - Delegate
  • Purvasha Rajesh Dhargave- Delegate
  • Mohamed Tarek Mohamed Nour - Delegate
  • Abdulrahman Bulbul - Vice-president
  • Anastasia Mzhavia - Delegate
  • Amaar Alsharikh Akbaraliev - Delegate
  • Nevsha Tajelipirbazari - Delegate

Regulation of students` self-governance

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